From September 2012 we will provide daily transport for students from Oxford. The students will travel on the school minibus alongside the school teachers. Details are here:

Shifa Oxford

Shifa Secondary Girls School

By the grace of Allah Ta'aalaa, Shifa School is the vision of a select group of brothers and sisters from the Banbury community. It is the answer to the cry of members of the community who began to express concerns regarding the lack of Islamic knowledge and nurturing taking place in the community. Amongst the concerns were, improving and resolving the difficulties faced by the Muslim youth, the lack of Islamic implementation amongst the local community and the prevailing social problems.

Shifa School is a small, community school which is steadily flourishing. The uniquely small class sizes create a conducive environment for real learning and we believe our pupils are literally hand-picked to tread the noble path of knowledge.

As education providers we have been blessed with the great opportunity of working with young Muslimaat who will, insha'Allah, help to shape future generations for years to come.

And success lies with Allah alone.